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Director's Message

Naresh Dubbudu

Managing Director
IIMB alumnus
NITW Gold Medalist

Dear parents and student friends,

This is probably the most challenging juncture of your lives – going through the process of answering ‘what next’ after your 10th standard. The answers might be vague, but the right time to take a call comes when each student reaches his or her eleventh and twelfth, a critical juncture.

To break this down into simpler terms, let me share a few insights that I have accumulated over the last 15 years of my wonderful professional journey, post my own 10th exams.

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What People Say About Gyanville



After my career exams i was waiting for the results. I lost symbiosis by 3 marks. It made me low. Then i planned to persue my BBA from a good college.


Apurva Manda

I’m proud to be a gyanviller. Teachers there are just amazing. It’s a perfect college for students who are aspiring to settele in good positions.


Addaguduru Data Sai Charan

In gyanville academy i got a very good experience. Here i enjoyed with learning and also career guidance is a special thing in this academy. Motivation towards the goal is also very good thing here. I got confidence to achieve my target here. Here the management is not only insisted on study of material, also concentrates on the extraction of best out of the children. Here i also got some skills about management of time and organizing a program. I am proud to be a gyanville product.


Manasvini Nittala

Gyanville is a place which taught me how our intermediate life can be enjoyed while studying. There are great faculty here who support us and clear all our doubts. I am really proud for choosing Gyanville because I made a great step towards for my bright future. I AM PROUD TO BE A GYANVILLER


Kavvampelli Rohith

Studying in gyanville is a good experience to me and the style of teaching is very unique and helpful to students which helped me many times after coming out of the college .


S. Gnana Yashaswini

Gyanville is a splendid place that gave me wonderful memories.Here in Gyanville we can explore a lot.I had great experiences here.I learnt many values from all my faculty here.The faculty here are really wonderful.They are very helpful and friendly.Not only the teaching faculty but everyone here are very caring towards all the students.I really had great memories in the past two years with all my friends and faculty in Gyanville.I am very happy and proud to tell that I am a GYANVILLER.


Poorvi Yerrapureddy

This college is not like all the others you see these days. Yes we’re pressurised to study but we’re allowed to have fun at the same time. The faculty here don’t teach you only about their subject but they try and impart an understanding about life as well. To be very honest, here at Gyanville Academy we discover ourselves and mold ourselves into who we need to be.


Varanasi Dheeraj

A good experience of having intermediate education and meeting the experienced faculty will make you more brighter for your future and you could have beautiful two years


Ch. Bhavya Sai Saranya

The perfect place to prove yourself what you are………It is a revolutionary in Intermediate education


Deshpande Sai Vikranth

It is one of the best colleges in hyderabad for pursuing intermediate education. GVA is good place to gain knowledge. My personal experience says that It will enhance the performance of individual student.One of the specialities of this college is every student counts here.Teachers are very interactive with students in this college when compared with other colleges.Proud to be a GYANVILLER…!!!!