About Gyanville

Gyanville Academy is the Best Inter College with IIT | CLAT | IAS Foundation | IPM Coaching in Hyderabad offering MPC and MEC streams. Gyanville is an erudite academy devoted to mentor students for IITJEE & CLAT coaching / IAS Foundation in Hyderabad. Gyanville Academy is a unit of Abhyaas Edu Technologies Private Limited founded by IIM-NIT Alumni. With a humble start with a batch of just 14 students in 2014, Gyanville has catered to 500+ students over the last 7 years, and is still growing.

Our tagline is Revolution in Intermediate Education and we mean it 100%. Gyanville is the only place in Hyderabad which focuses and ensures an overall development of the student. Right from the beginning, we conduct various ice breaking activities to understand the interests and strengths of every individual student. In addition to Academics, we also focus on developing skills like Communication, Personality Development, and extracurricular activities. In line with the technological advancements happening across world, we at Gyanville, believe in smart learning and providing Technology enabled Education. We facilitate Tabs/Laptops to every student to ensure that they have access to immense knowledge on their finger tips.

Courses Offered

MPC + IIT Academy

MEC + CLAT Academy

MEC + BBA Academy

Experienced Faculty

At Gyanville Academy, we provide multiple career streams, and each of these is lead by a Career Mentor from that background. Every career mentor has their own team of faculty, who are recruited from reputed institutes like IIT, NIT, BITS, etc., and have an average teaching experience of of 7+ years.

Every Student Counts at Gyanville

The strength in each class is restricted to a maximum of 40 students. We maintain a faculty to student ratio of 1:7. We focus on every student capacity building. In most of the IIT coaching campuses students are divided into top to bottom sections based on internal exam and the best faculty is available only to the top batches only. But at Gyanville Academy every student is treated the same, and gets the same faculty and career mentor. This make us as one of the top Inter College with IIT | CLAT | IAS Foundation | IPM Coaching

Student Evaluation

We share detailed performance reports with students and parents on a monthly basis and also conduct three Parent Teacher Meets every year. In addition to providing the details of marks and ranks scored by the student in different exams, each report also provides insights about the student in terms of competence levels in each topic, time spent on each question and behavioral pattern for the exam. This enables each student to build a proper strategy for the exam and also helps the faculty and parents to support the student to improve further.

What People Say About Gyanville


S. Gnana Yashaswini


“Currently I am doing my B.Tech in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Kerala. I studied MPC with IIT coaching here. For career planning and training,time plays the most important part,because how good you may be in studies but if you can’t manage your time propery then it’s of no use. Gyanville taught me Time Management. We got excellent faculty who keeps on supporting and motivating students to any extent possible. I have lot of sweet memories to cherish throughout my life the college, hostel, food etc. So enjoy your studies and have a great time in this place. ”


G. Mahirathan


“The faculty for IIT JEE coaching are excellent and rich in their knowledge. They interact freely with us for any of our doubts. At Gyanville academy for career exam selection and counselling part, you have excellent support system. The college program is built in comfort with students & stress free environment. I learned to be stronger and Independent after completing my intermediate here.”


Vishnu Sai Guptha


“Students who have great aspirations in life Gyanville is the place where you can explore yourself. The student who has real aspirations in life will surely succeed in life. Each and every student will have a separate focus.Gyanville will give a best training for Entrance exam preparation for IIT and also we get complete support till student join in a college.Our College has an excellent faculty. You need to think about the various advantages that they provide all over the year.Motivation and inputs from Directors
will be very helpful.”I AM PROUD TO BE A GYANVILLER”.”


Abhinav Kulkarni


“GYANVILLE is a college (actually I don’t want to call it as college, but I want to call it as my second home) which brought many changes in my behaviour , maturity levels apart from my studies . It made me learn many ethical values . Academics may be the crucial part in intermediate, but I strongly believe that in order to concentrate on studies we need discipline , punctuality and all other good qualities. Coming to academics, GYANVILLE is completely different from other commercial colleges.I compare the care taken by the management, faculty ,wardens and even directors with my mother’s unconditional intense love.


A. Shashank


“Faculty at Gyanville Academy are very supportive and they focus on every student. Gyanville implements the career training in line with students psychology. The program extracts the best in every student, according to his ability and effort. I was part of IIT JEE coaching with MPC stream. I developed leadership qualities
and learnt the importance of time, discipline and hardwork.”


Mani Sai Guptha

BITS Pilani-Rajastan

“I am Mani Sai Guptha got seat in BITS Pilani.This is College with excellent Career Guidance for IIT Jee Training and have proper guidance related to Entrance exams and colleges.Gyanville is an excellent place to explore our knowledge.In Gyanville, faculty are very friendly .Not only faculty but also the non teaching staff are also friendly I enjoyed
2 years very happily in this college. In this college not only academics is taught but even personality development and time management skills are also taught .When comparing with other colleges there is
special thing in this college that is each and every student is given equal importance. Apart from all of this gyanville conducts many cultural activities by which it helps the students to improve their personality development skills . I am really proud to say that i am a GYANVILLER…


Venkat Sai Deepak

Delhi University

“Gyanville is the best college for CLAT aspirants along with Intermediate. This is a college where teachers mould according to the student and teach him/her according to student capability, which is not possible in other so called colleges.I assure you that people inside the campus (i.e.., Directors,Faculty,Wardens) are very large hearted and definitely you will find a room in their heart.Lastly I wanna say that EVERY STUDENT COUNTS IN GYANVILLE…”


Sai Maruth

Delhi University (AP LAWCET - STATE 1ST RANK)

“Faculty here are very knowledgeable and always supporting students. I am proud to say that I was not onl trained for career but I got trained for life. I thank from the core of my heart for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be part of this academy. I highly recommend for commerce stream interested students.


Hyndhavi Nadiminti


“It is an amazing place for intermediate education. Gyanville Academy is very different from other existing intermediate colleges & it has so much to offer. It not only helps us to crack competitive exams like IIT,
CLAT etc, but also the helps us University ready. I thank Naresh Sir, Sirisha Madam, Padma Madam and all other faculty who have helped me. I would always cherish the two years that I spent at Gyanville Academy, the new learnings, experiences and reflections throughout my life.”


B Akshitha


“The faculty at Gyanville Academy are very professional and caring. Attention was given to every student and the faculty were always available for clearing doubts. The best part about Gyanville Academy is their career training. Right now I am studying at Symbiosis Law School in only because of CLAT coaching that I have taken here. I never lived in hostel before and it was hard for me imagine living in hostel but Gyanville helped me overcome that phobia with providing proper hostel facilities and food.”

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