Abhyaas Edu Technologies Pvt Ltd is an IIM-NIT alumni founded educational venture. With the leadership team equipped with over 40,000 hours of training experience, Abhyaas promises an unparalleled learning experience. Powered with a team which has the perfect mix of industry experience and academic relevance, Abhyaas has mentored more than 50,000 students across the academic spectrum. Abhyaas strongly believes in creating lasting changes by inducing paradigm shifts in the way education and career-related options are made. We believe that with the right kind of inputs and information, every individual can be enabled to assess one’s own strength and make the kind of choices. So, come and become a part of this educational renaissance.


“Enable learning, build perspective and enhance skills of individual and organizations, to create lasting impact through pioneering knowledge models.”


“Establish a global footprint and serve 100,000 individuals annually.”


Commitment : Committing to great mentoring, which impacts lives of our stakeholders.

Integrity : Acting with honesty and honor, without compromising on the truth.

Leadership : Leading by example and facilitating overall growth of all stakeholders.

Innovation : Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.

Excellence :To aim at the best and nothing less.