Director's Message

Dear parents and student friends,

This is probably the most challenging juncture of your lives – going through the process of answering ‘what next’ after your 10th standard. The answers might be vague, but the right time to take a call comes when each student reaches his or her eleventh and twelfth, a critical juncture. To break this down into simpler terms, let me share a few insights that I have accumulated over the last 15 years of my wonderful professional journey, post my own 10th exams.

From the time I started working, the issue that has been troubling me most is why a great nation like India is not producing even one world changing product firm like Google, Apple or even Facebook, in spite of having the ‘best’ talent that actually goes on to lead some of these firms over time. No, the answer is not brain drain or lack of facilities anymore. I had a mini eureka moment recently, when I got a possible answer.

As an entrepreneur and mentor, I keep attending many entrepreneurial summits. At the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit that was held in Hyderabad in December 2013, one of the speakers asked an audience of over 1000 entrepreneurs as to how many of them came from an engineering background. When more than 70% i.e. 700 plus people raised their hands, people were laughing aloud. But, when the speaker asked how many of them had an exposure to product design concepts, there were just about four – an astounding 0.4% of the entrepreneurial crowd at a big summit! The question that had been exploding inside my head finally got an answer.

But then, there was another question: why these skewed numbers? Why the rush towards one single profession? Here’s why. In the race to pocket the best ‘package’, factors like market value and peer pressure are comfortably elbowing out two most important criteria: capability and interest. Moreover, as a society, we are reactive. We like following anything that is perceived as good. Just like gender balance, we need skill/expertise balance in any economy to be sustainably successful. The reason why USA stands tall is because every profession has its share of the best talent of the country. It is time we let our best talent not compete against each other in one single exam, rather make them take different paths and collaborate so as to enable a more balanced economy. This is what Abhyaas Edu Corp is trying to promote since its inception.

With careers becoming more than a bread-and-butter affair, there are a plethora of options available is making this choice a rather difficult one.

Abhyaas Edu Corp now proudly presents its latest initiative Gyanville Academy, where we map students based on their capabilities and passions and then evolve a way for them to embrace an option that would make both the pocket and the person happy! Go beyond the usual. Explore a world of opportunities.

Come. Dream. Achieve!

Naresh Dubbudu

Managing Director
Abhyaas Edu Technologies Pvt Ltd

Intermediate education is a transition phase between a school and Undergrad college. It takes you a step closer to your dream career. The two years of education is not just about knowledge, but also about the values inculcated. A true Gyanviller can be identified wherever he/she is.

As we always said, it takes a lot of effort to be respected and to stay respected. It needs consistent perseverance. Never did or will we complete welcoming our fresher’s without thinking of our alumni.  You are remembered in the hard work that you have done, in the effort that you have put to get out of the comfort zone and work.  No wonder, the juniors give a share of credit about their academic success to the seniors.

We back here at Gyanville, are always eager to know what’s happening with you in your academic and professional life. Through our alumni association, we want to strengthen your connection with Gyanville Academy. It will help the Gyanvillers to connect with one another when they to go to institutions for educations or organizations for jobs. It will help you to know how and where your batch mates are.  Hopefully, the healthy competition that you had in here, will continue later too through this alumni association.

Work hard and Have fun. Get ready to face the competitive world out there and stay excited.

Sirisha Naresh

Director – Academics