A paradigm shift in the approach to

intermediate education, which will allow students to

think beyond the regular careers and become leaders

in the career they always have dreamt.


Gyanville Careers
With the era of Google ushering in a whole new overload of information, there is a necessity to learn smartly. Assimilation of information, practical application of concepts to real life, problem solving, inquiry skills and the ability to think independently, to imagine, to question and to generate solutions are traits that students must sharpen in order to be a step ahead of their peers. It is only when students are empowered with this kind of learning that they will be able to face the real challenges of life and succeed in any career that they choose. Learning Methodology - To enable deeper understanding and long term retention, we incorporate collaborative efforts, projects and conceptual learning techniques in our classrooms, apart from traditional learning methods. We deploy different teaching aids to make sure that whatever be the learning style of students at Gyanville (audio, visual or kinesthetic), they leave the class with the intended learning. Mind mapping techniques to enable revision of the class lessons the same day is our hallmark. Assessment Methodology - We move away from routine learning methodology and employ various assessment tools like quizzes, exams with multiple choice, true-false, analytical questioning to check their overall understanding. We include both summative and formative methods of assessments during our delivery. At Gyanville, the streams offered for intermediate students are
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ( MPC )
Mathematics, Economics, Commerce (MEC) &
Civics, Economics, Commerce (CEC).
Personality Development Today, successful students are those with well-balanced mix of knowledge, self-awareness and good communication skills. Personality is what gets noticed first. It is personality which sets the standards, that cannot be developed in a day. With youth being the right age to mould & build a strong foundation, Gyanville Academy ensures that emphasis is laid on personality development too Skills Development : Gyanville Academy believes in enabling inquiry, logical thinking and collaborative skills, while sharpening students in writing, listening, presentation, time management and public speaking. We intend to achieve these growth enablers through activities like group discussions, paraphrasing, JAM sessions, essay writing etc., which are introduced to students on a daily basis. Field Visits : We believe there is a lot more that students can learn from the real world, outside the four walls of the classroom. Keeping this in mind, we take students on field visits to top universities, to expand their window of learning and to keep them motivated towards their goals and aspirations. Guest Lectures : At Gyanville, students will learn tricks of the trade from people, who have been there and done that. This will give them greater clarity about the career they desire to pursue and make them more aware. This will further inspire them and make them more dedicated towards their careers.


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About Abhyaas Edu Corp

Abhyaas Edu Corp [ Estd 2009 ] is an IIM – NIT alumni founded educational venture.  With a professional team which has over 15,000 hours of training experience amongst the leadership team, Abhyaas promises an unparalleled learning experience. With a team which has the perfect mix of industry experience and academic relevance, Abhyaas has mentored more than 10,000 students across the academic spectrum. Abhyaas strongly believes in creating lasting changes by inducing paradigm shifts in the way education and career-related options are made. We believe with the right kind of inputs and information, every individual can be enabled to assess one’s own strength and make the right kind of choices.


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