Campus Life – Holistic Development

Holistic development is a practical approach to a comprehensive learning system where physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of a child is taken care. This style of education not only focuses on mere learning but also on implementing what is learnt. Holistic development is a process of self-actualization.

Gyanville’s entire philosophy stems from the belief that just intelligence or degrees on paper will not be a ticket to success. There are other things that play an important role. Hence, it is not just knowledge from books that’s imparted here; it is holistic development that we promise.

For any mission to be accomplished, there needs to be confidence that drives the students. When confident, students start feeling empowered to set and achieve personal and social goals.

We strike this perfect balance through our unique curriculum that lays emphasis on:
Career Guidance
Personality Development

At Gyanville, each of these is not dealt in silos, but is intelligently interwoven in such a way that these two important years are made more impactful and enjoyable. We engage our students in highly stimulating discussions that  supplement and bring more enthusiasm to academics and to their learning.