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You can schedule a Psychometric test and counselling. Based on the results of tests, our expert career counselors will guide the students. They will brief them about the relevant programs, exams to be written and career opportunities. You can make a decision after this. This test will also help parent and child to come to a conclusion, even if they differ in their aspirations. Click here to register for Psychometric test.

It will be unfair to deny an impact. However, each of the chapters taught in our curriculum will relate to fundamentals of high school, wherever required.

Our curriculum is designed to bring students to from different boards to a common platform. Each board has its specialties. Orientation kit given after admission and Orientation program in the beginning of the academic year will help the students to bridge this difference.

MPC students have chemistry and physics labs. Experiments will be done in the second year of education.

Computer Lab is available for students for academic purpose only. Access will be given based on the requirements of academic program.

A student should have a minimum of 8 GPA in state board, or its equivalent score from other boards. And he/she should also qualify in our admission test.

Admissions team will give you the different dates. The pattern of the test will be objective and fill in the blank. Marks vary per question. Click here to register for more admission related information.

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