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Campus Life - Day at Gyanville


Gyanville students begin their day with yoga for around 40-45 minutes. We believe that the mind needs this time to settle from all the hustle each student faces in their daily lives.


After every session, there will be a recess to allow students to move around and relax, so that they come back with greater focus for the next classes.


Along with teaching academic subjects career-oriented aptitude skills like logical reasoning, G.K and personality development activities including elocutions, newspaper reading etc. are taken care.


Classes begin at 8.30am, with each session of 65 minutes. The last five minutes are dedicated towards revision of concepts learned.

Mind Mapping

The day ends with an enriching experience where the students use their Gyanville planner to write all the important things they learnt during the day which instills the seeds of self-management and puts students of Gyanville ahead of their peers in time management, comprehension