Gyanville offers comprehensive coaching to crack IPM & BBA seat in reputed colleges pan India with MEC stream. Our consistent IPM ranks in India’s top colleges like IIM Indor, IIM Rohtak etc makes us one of the best Intermediate College With IPM & BBA Coaching.

Management is the most lucrative & interesting career option any one wants to choose. “It’s good be Boss”. Being a manager one has to manage people & resources optimally for the growth of organization.

Managers have role to play in each &every walk of the organization, so there are thousands of career opportunities for management students. To pursue career as a manager one has to get into universities by clearing entrance exams like CAT, GMAT , IPM, WAT etc.

From the past one decade Management is a booming career where individuals are trained for Managerial roles in corporates. Every individual should be aware of the trends, strategies in the on-going business market to be successful in the cut-throat competition in every sector. To be successful in Management career one should have good Decision making skills, Leadership skills, Analytical skills etc.


Gyanville academy is a reputed Intermediate academy with MEC stream for Management courses such as IPM, WAT, SET. We provide regular classroom courses for MEC along with management competitive exams. Gyanville aims to provide a world class foundation so that they can get equal opportunities as that of other streams. We provide ample resources, personal attention to every individual and experienced faculty. “Our blockbuster results speaks more than us”.


Gyanville offers Two year integrated course, MEC stream with BBA Coaching which enables students to crack both competitive examinations and board exams. This stream is offered to Management career aspiring students. The biggest asset of the Gyanville Management program is our highly qualified and experienced faculty The description about our Management program is mentioned below.

Objectives of the Gyanville’s Management program:

  • To enable deeper understanding and long-term retention, we incorporate collaborative efforts, projects and conceptual learning techniques for students.
  • We follow both Summative and Formative methods of assessments during class room sessions. Gyanville has its own tool called Readmark which enables students to learn in progressive way.
  • Always be called as the best Intermediate College With IPM & BBA Coaching in Hyderabad.


  • General English
  • Quantitative Ability
  • General Awareness
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Decision Making

The Gyanville Management program career :

  • The course is divided into 4 cycles, First, the students will have a foundation course, Secondly, preparing for their board syllabus followed by WAT and SET topics.
  • Each phase has individual examinations followed by doubt clarification session.
  • Bonsagar books: We provide customised materials and top-rated books from Bonsagar publications which are written by our in house professionals.
  • Customised handouts along with regular assignments are provided for every individual.
  • Feedback and doubt sessions for about 40 min on daily-basis.
Cycle 0Basic Foundation
Cycle 1IPM/WAT/SET Cycle Level 1
Cycle 2IPM/WAT/SET Cycle Level 2
Cycle 3IPM/WAT/SET Cycle Level 3
Cycle 4IPM/WAT/SET Revision
IntensiveIPM/WAT/SET Revision – 2

Gyanville Test series:

Management entrance exams test students on various areas such as Verbal, Quant, General Awareness, Logical and Analytical Reasoning.

  • Weekly Tests: Examinations are conducted on every Monday based on the academic syllabus explained in that particular week not only to improve their topic-wise knowledge but also to familiarize them with competitive models.
  • Mock Tests: The examinations will be similar to that of the actual WAT/SET or other competitive exams in terms of difficulty level. In addition to that a particular peer can adapt to time management which Is the key factor to crack competitive exams.
  • Bonsagar books: We provide customised materials and top-rated books from Bonsagar publications which are written by our in house professionals.
  • Regular test, Quarterly, Half yearly and Pre-finals examinations are conducted based on an intermediate pattern.



The lecturers are highly qualified who are having tons of experience in specific subjects.


Apart from the IPM and other competitive examinations the students are trained to do well in their particular state board exams. Hence it proves us as one of the top Intermediate College With IPM & BBA Coaching


It is a one –one doubt clarification session at the end of the day which elevates their subject knowledge.


These tests are conducted to check whether the students are coping up with jee main exam pattern.


These exams are conducted to ensure that the students are familiarized with the difficulty of actual engineering competitive examinations.


Our Gyanvillers have an excellent track record from the past 5 years with magnificent results in competitive examinations as well as board examinations which made us proud.







The faculty at Gyanville Academy are very professional and caring. Attention was given to every student and the faculty were always available for clearing doubts. The best part about Gyanville Academy is their career training.


Before joining Gyanville Academy I was really not sure about what I should do in future. But The career guidance that I received here helped me to choose my path. The directors at Gyanville Academy are really focused on every student career. I have learnt a lot life skills here.

I had a very nice year in Gyanville, there were certain things that I learnt which will help me in the Future. There have been good times and tough times. There have been struggles but our faculty members have helped us to get through them.


Gyanville Academy is something out of the ordinary. It is definitely a revolution in intermediate education. Being a Part of such an institution has be an honour to me, Which has encouraged me and has always got out the best in me. It proves to me day in and day out how Fun learning can be.